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Losing weight is a journey. Like most journeys, people need some help along the way. There are a lot of gyms in California. However, most of them are do-it-yourself types of gyms that offer little help. Others offer outrageous personal training sessions. Signing up for an exercising class sounds like a good idea, but what if your body does not respond well to the chosen class?

Fat loss is personal.

You cannot go with the generic class or do it by yourself. You need a fitness boot camp that will tailor your workouts while offering you a social setting that sets you up to succeed. You need Camp Xcel. Camp Xcel is a gym in South Gate, CA. You can get 7 days of boot camp for only $27.

Reasons Why Camp Xcel Is Highly Recommended

Motivates You and Helps You Build Dedication

Fat loss requires more than a few hours at a gym. It requires motivation and dedication. A lot of people have the motivation, but they do not have the dedication. This is where Camp Xcel excels. They provide all of their clients with a top of the line trainer for a fraction of the price. The trainer’s job is to get you to be dedicated to your weight loss journey.

They offer you motivation when your original motivation has fled. They are your cheerleaders and your harshest critic. They want you to do your best. That means giving you tough love when you are putting in the minimum effort.

Offers Tough Love and Support

It is a boot camp that saves you time, gives you a built in support system, keeps you motivated, gives you personal attention and holds you accountable. Accountability is one aspect you will not get if you are exercising on your on. People are more accountable when they are in a social or group training setting.

Fun and Exciting

Camp Xcel makes workouts fun and sociable. Camp Xcel offers an atmosphere that will keep you focused and improve your mood over time. They are a lot different than mainstream gyms that care more about your membership fees than you. They believe in results and getting you to the place you desire to go. You do not need to spend hours in gym. You only need a fitness fat loss program that works for you and not against you.

Helps You Reach Your Fat Loss Goals and More

Camp Xcel is about helping you reach your goals. All the trainers know firsthand how hard it is to lose weight. They know that weight loss for you is more than about being able to fit into that dress from five years ago. It is about being able to change yourself into a healthier and happier version of yourself.

There is not weight shaming at this quality fitness center. However, if you do not put in the work, you will feel the pain. Your past is your past. Your current weight will be your past tomorrow. If you do the work, a listen to your trainer, you will do well at this boot camp in South Gate called Camp Xcel.

Watch what Camp Xcel is all about.

Camp Xcel
13450 Paramount Blvd
South Gate, CA 90280
(562) 250-7487

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Looking for a Quality Fitness Training Center


Whether you’re training for a triathlon or just staying in shape, a well-run, well-equipped fitness training center can help you meet your fitness objectives without setting up a workout room at home. Of course, you can put together a credible training routine without expensive fitness equipment, but for the cost of a gym membership, you can use virtually any gear you want. As you evaluate and compare fitness training centers, ask yourself some fundamental questions designed to help you find your ideal workout facility.

1. Are the equipment and the fitness training center itself clean and well maintained?

Look for out-of-order weight machines or worn out mats, untidy office or reception areas, or unclean locker rooms. Do the showers smell fresh? Are used towels cleaned promptly? Does the equipment look as if it’s new or on its last legs? If you see problem areas in one part of the facility, you’re likely to find other deal breakers elsewhere.

2. Does the fitness training center’s schedule match up with yours?

You can’t work out in a closed facility. Especially if you work late hours and prefer to hit the gym after your shift, you need a training center that’s open when you’re ready and motivated.

3. Is the facility’s location compatible with your routine?

You’ll regret signing up—or, worse yet, simply stop going—if reaching the fitness training center means a cross-town drive through heavy traffic. Look for a gym you can reach quickly on your way to or from other destinations.

4. Does the fitness training center offer the equipment you need? Does it include new options you might want to try?

Nothing burns out a workout like boredom. To maintain a consistent fitness schedule and achieve positive results, you need variety in your routine. For example, you may not use a climbing wall in your current workout, but if you sign up at a gym that doesn’t have one, you can’t incorporate it later. If you think you’ll outgrow a facility before your membership expires, cross it off your list. Even a great price isn’t a bargain if the facility can’t accommodate changing needs.

5. Is the staff qualified, capable, and compatible with your workout style?

A high-quality fitness center offers more than great equipment. Look for a staff that’s fully qualified to teach you new routines, check your moves for good form, guide you through the process of stepping up to more reps or heavier weights without injury, and provide advice geared toward your workout goals. Ask for credentials, and request trial sessions with the people who are likeliest to train you. If a trainer’s style tends toward the drill sergeant approach and you prefer a softer personality—or vice versa—your workouts will suffer.

6. Is the real cost of membership a good match for your budget?

Expect the same time-limited new-subscriber rate plans you find when you shop for Internet access or cable TV, with a shift to higher costs after an initial membership term. If you want a month-to-month package that you can end whenever you want, you may have to pay more for that flexibility than if you’re perfectly happy signing up for a full year.

You care enough about your fitness and your training goals to commit hours to workout sessions every week. Invest enough time in the quest for a fitness training center to find one that exceeds your current needs, in a convenient, affordable location with expert staff.

Now that you found a gym, it’s time to be consistent. Here is a great to help you get started.

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